Ole Smoky needed to minimize print spend

Ole Smoky was preparing to launch two major campaigns — National Moonshine Week and a spring/summer beach campaign.

But each of these campaigns would require a lot of print assets to activate their distributor network. As they investigated options, they realized printing these materials across local vendors would be expensive and complex to manage individually.

Ole Smoky needed a cost-effective print provider to print both campaigns quickly.


Consolidated printing results in major cost savings

Ordering print materials individually across their entire ecosystem of distributors and sales reps would have cost Ole Smoky roughly $55,000. Instead, they turned to BrandMuscle to maximize their spend by printing long-run collateral in bulk with Consolidator. This print solution helps brands save money and print more efficiently by consolidating orders across their channel partner networks (while keeping sustainability top of mind).

By using Consolidator, Ole Smoky cut print costs by 60%, spending only $22,000 to get both campaigns into market. And thanks to bulk printing, all assets will arrive at the same time. Plus, if the brands wants to place any gap-fill orders, they can do so easily via template ordering through Instant Impact.

In addition to saving on print spend, Ole Smoky also streamlined their print ordering window to two weeks with an agreed-upon in-market date that all their distributors could rely on.

“When it comes to national marketing campaigns, every dollar counts,” said Stephanie Moraine, Marketing Director at Ole Smoky Distillery. “That’s why we rely on BrandMuscle to print high-quality assets while saving on spend across our network of distributors and reps.”

On top of print, BrandMuscle also serves as Ole Smoky’s one-stop shop for brand-compliant assets, easy-to-use marketing templates, and custom design solutions. They also recently signed on to use our budget tool, which enables them to seamlessly track order spending.  

With the right local marketing partner, anything is possible.

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