Insurance agents struggled to manage location data

This insurance company had hundreds of locations across the country — but they didn’t have accurate, up-to-date business listings to represent them all.

Think: Google, Yelp, and Nextdoor.

While these pages matter at the local level, this adds up to a much larger issue at the corporate level as well.

Without complete and accurate listings, affiliates have lower visibility within their local areas and, ultimately, miss sales opportunities.

Because the insurance company’s agents were struggling to manage their location data, they came to corporate asking for help.

Recognizing the need for external support, the insurer wanted to provide its agents with location data management services to help them get their hundreds of local businesses on the map.


Location data management services skyrocket search impressions

The insurance company turned to BrandMuscle to provide location data management services across their entire affiliate network. Location data management is the practice of managing a company’s location information to make sure it’s accurate and up-to-date across all publishers where their local businesses are listed. As a key component of local SEO, the aim of this process is to boost visibility and ultimately drive more sales at the local level.

The company chose BrandMuscle because they liked that they could easily add on other digital marketing services when they wanted to expand beyond location data management.

The insurance company counted on BrandMuscle’s digital marketing specialists to monitor and update listings for all 253 of their active locations and 15,580 active listings while still giving local agents the flexibility to edit data fields at their leisure.

To account for the firm’s locations, our experts:

  • Claimed 4,417 listings
  • Created 3,342 new listings
  • Updated 5,624 profile elements
  • Suppressed 562 duplicate listings

In addition to Google My Business, the team got 86% of the company’s business locations live on non-Google publishers like Bing, Yahoo, and Amazon Alexa.

The insurer ultimately increased their local listings by 101% over the course of two years. The resulting impact was a 64% increase in Google search views. Not to mention, they achieved a whopping 300% increase in search impressions over the course of just 6 months.

Now, they can feel confident all their locations are accurate, sit back, and watch the leads come to them.

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