Affiliate engagement

Activate your partners

No matter your success, another level awaits you. Reach the next phase by equipping your affiliates, agents, or franchisees with the support and technology they need to drive local revenue and connect with consumers across the customer journey.

BrandMuscle Fortune 1000 Affiliate Engagement Solution
Fortune 1000 Affiliate Engagement Education Feature
Access on-demand training

Local partners often lack the knowledge to execute marketing strategies on their own. Provide your affiliates with eLearning training materials, educational materials, consultation services and training options, to create an army of marketing pros in no time.

Fortune 1000 Affiliate Engagement Insights Feature
Improve marketing results

Get insights into which marketing channels drive results – and which fall short. Utilize the consultation services team to aid affiliates in the best programs for them based on their goals. Use sophisticated analytics to easily measure ROI in different markets, track individual performance, and optimize your strategy accordingly.

Fortune 1000 Affiliate Engagement Happy Network Feature
Deepen your relationships

A thriving affiliate network means a happy affiliate network. Show your affiliates that you have their backs. Build their confidence in your marketing program and the value of marketing activities by supporting their efforts. When you invest in affiliate engagement and provide affiliates training, education, and marketing best practices, you’ll deepen your relationship and improve their marketing activities.

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