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Let AI do your marketing for you

By creating content, executing tactics, and completing routine tasks, AI marketing tools can make local marketing a breeze — and take your ROI to new heights.

BrandMuscle Channel Affiliate AI Solution
Channel Affiliate AI Content Feature
Easily write on-brand content

Produce more content with AI marketing tools. Generate everything from social media posts to email outreach so you don’t have to. No more writer’s block or confusion about aligning with corporate messaging. With AI services, you’ll become a local marketing machine.

Channel Affiliate AI Marketing Efficiency Feature
Automate your marketing tasks

Never let time-consuming tasks slow you down again. Get the AI-powered solution that automates your marketing workflows. With AI that sets up your marketing campaigns and submits co-op reimbursements, you can get back to running your business.

Channel Affiliate AI Compliance Feature
Stay compliant

This is the only AI-powered marketing solution that prioritizes brand- and legal-compliance. With AI services that put compliance first, you can make errors that never slip through the cracks.

Everyone’s talking:

“We saw 118 leads in the first two days and 95% have been qualified buyers. I think it’s absolutely an effective way to reach this audience…”
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See how our AI services help businesses like yours maximize revenue and minimize effort. 

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