Compliant campaigns at your fingertips

Personalize brand- and legal-compliant marketing campaigns that resonate with local consumers, boost sales, and drive ROI with Instant Impact®️, our leading compliance solution.

BrandMuscle Beverage Alcohol Brand Management Solution
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Scale your marketing

Easily boost your marketing from strategy to execution with a single end-to-end brand management and compliance solution. Instant Impact®️ comes complete with approved vendor integrations, so you can customize data-driven print and digital templates with minimal maintenance and gain visibility into template usage and efficiency.

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Execute compliant campaigns

With a team of compliance experts on your side, you can execute brand- and legal-compliant campaigns seamlessly. Compliance rules are aligned across suppliers, distributors, and accounts, helping you eliminate legal risks, process orders without delays, and ensure full marketing reimbursement. Every single order is reviewed for you, so you can feel confident nothing slips through the cracks.

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Develop custom creative

Get the creative support you need for all your custom design needs. Develop custom creative for one-off requests or scale across your entire brand. Whatever your creative vision, we can make it a reality.

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Empower your reps

Give your reps access to a complete library of brand-approved assets. Your reps can download countless static assets, from bottle shots and logos to digital banners and videos. But don’t worry about content management — all asset uploads, tagging, and archiving are handled for you.

Daniel said it best:

“By partnering with BrandMuscle, Davos has been able to effectively scale our brand’s marketing while saving time and money. The BrandMuscle platform allows us to create pre-approved templates for branded collateral, such as shelf-talkers and neckers, and send marketing materials with just a few clicks.”
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Transform your marketing with a brand management solution that takes compliance as seriously as you do.

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