Capture local market share with must-attend events

Local marketing events help you build relationships with customers and drive word-of-mouth that impacts revenue long after the event.

BrandMuscle Channel Affiliate Events Solution
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Focus on the right people

Winning brands dominate hyper-local markets by focusing on local. See how easy it is to dazzle prospects, get referrals, and create brand advocates with in-person events. With 20 years of experience and hundreds of satisfied clients, BrandMuscle can show you how to execute marketing events that prove you’re a trusted community member, and how to leverage sponsorships to further demonstrate your local commitment. 

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Flex your creative muscle

While you reach customers through digital and print marketing channels, a quick makeover can turn your offices and retail spaces into a lucrative marketing channel. With an experienced partner on your side, local marketing events can start positive word-of-mouth about your brand. You can connect with locals at events to demo and discuss your unique capabilities, product offerings, and services.

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Keep customers talking

In a world of constant messaging, it’s hard to stay top of mind. Brands from the beverage alcohol industry trust our local marketing experts to build on their own marketing ingenuity by creating events that keep customers talking. Don’t follow in your competitors’ tired footsteps. Host must-see events that reach the many leads who need your services now.

Join the winners’ circle:

“BrandMuscle continues to be a critical element of our marketing mix. We are in a very competitive environment, and we’re a national brand that competes on a local level.”
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Drive conversions with events

Schedule time with a local marketing expert to see how BrandMuscle’s in-person event strategy can create new customers and capture market share.

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