Drive demand with affiliate lead generation

Create more leads than you know what to do with. Leverage effective affiliate lead generation tactics to attract more prospective customers and boost revenue.

BrandMuscle Channel Affiliate Leads Solution
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Become a lead magnet

Generate leads from paid media tactics by leveraging form fill, call tracking, and clicks to boost lead generation. Attract your target market and convert them into customers. 

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Capture leads that convert

With access to a top-of-the-line lead management solution, you’ll receive relevant leads directly from corporate. That means no more guesswork or spending co-op funds on dead-end leads.

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Easily track and manage leads

Gain full visibility into the lead management process with comprehensive lead tracking. See when you last followed up with prospects, what tactics you used, and if you received a response to inform your next move. No more relying on complex spreadsheets or email threads to track your progress.

Fortune 1000 Brand Management Library Feature
Deliver highly relevant experiences

When users engage with your display ads, you can use dynamic landing pages to serve up highly relevant content based on their searches to increase conversions. Empower your leads to find what they’re looking for in seconds — rather than relying on them to sift through your website.

Channel Affiliate Leads Email Nurture Campaigns Feature
Drive revenue growth

Capture top-of-funnel leads to move through your marketing machine. You can add leads to email nurture campaigns, build brand loyalty, and, ultimately, increase revenue. 

Hear what other business owners are saying:

“We saw 118 leads in the first two days, and 95% have been qualified buyers. I think it’s absolutely an effective way to reach this audience, and we would probably continue it on our own once the Bobcat program ends.”
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Activate your lead generation

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