Market Planning

Maximize your local marketing results

Easily target relevant audiences at the hyper-local level to drive more sales for your business with a dependable market planning solution.

BrandMuscle Channel Affiliate Market Planning Solution
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Engage your local community

Proactively target your marketing at the Designated Market Area (DMA), zip code, or hyper-local device level to attract consumers who are most likely to buy. 

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Target the right audience

Identifying the right audience just got a whole lot easier. Create cluster analyses to evaluate same-market behaviors, demographics, and interests, then instantly sort your audience by target types. You’ll be able to better tailor your marketing to consumers and drive more sales.

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Localize your message

Easily localize national campaign messaging to ensure it resonates with your audience. By implementing location-specific language and imagery, your ads are more likely to convert. This could include using regional jargon, focusing on local holidays, or referencing current weather patterns.

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Lean on expert support

In addition to a best-in-class platform, you’ll get an experienced team of marketing strategists to guide you along the way. These experts will help you craft a customized marketing plan within your budget, preferred tactics, and goals. 

What local business owners have to say:

“[The consultant] was absolutely amazing. It does not get any better than her. She was energetic, knowledgeable with her insight in assisting me with my marketing … and she exposed me to opportunities to take my agency to the next level!”
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See it in action

Schedule time with a local marketing expert to see what a streamlined market planning solution can do for you.

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