Organic social

Make social media your competitive advantage

Perfect your organic social media marketing strategy to build customer loyalty, boost engagement, and steer customers through the marketing funnel toward a purchase decision.

BrandMuscle Channel Affiliate Organic Social Solution
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Engage local customers

Connect with local users through organic social media marketing to drive impressions and create a loyal following for your business that engenders trust and brand affinity. Our team is experienced on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, TikTok, Reddit, and more social networks.

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Build consumer trust

Serve as a local resource for your community:

  • Publish original content, promotions, and customer guides
  • Share employee spotlights so their friends and family become followers
  • Curate and publish local interest news
  • Publish testimonials as posts to build trust as a credible option
  • Engage with community comments to earn rapport
  • Build trust by answering questions as a resource and expert
  • Promote local influencers to win their fans as your followers
  • Identify your most popular posts and boost them to acquire more followers

Building trust and respect within your target markets makes them more likely to buy.

Channel Affiliate Organic Social Informative Posts Feature
Grow your authority

Demonstrate your industry knowledge and expertise through informative posts and responses to grow your authority and build consumer confidence. Our team is experienced at finding your core audience on the social and reputation sites they frequent, including Nextdoor, Instagram, Facebook, Google reviews, and more!

Channel Affiliate Organic Social Fill Form Feature
Influence consumer buying decisions

Leverage fill forms to educate and guide users through the decision-making process. 

Hear what clients have to say:

“Digital media can be confusing and complicated. BrandMuscle’s team speaks a language I can easily understand and continuously produces results well beyond my expectations.”
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Grow your social presence

Speak with a local marketing expert to see how organic social can help your business thrive.

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