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Analytics and Insights

Track performance of your consolidated funds and data. Insights are included within each BrandMuscle solution, creating an integrated data platform designed to measure success and drive strategy.

Higher investment return and effectiveness

Improve your marketing performance with cost-effective allocation of co-op funds and tactics to the right agents.

Closed-loop reporting on multi-tier, multi-channel local marketing programs and ties sales to revenue. This link helps directly evaluate performance of your co-op marketing funds and program.

Benchmark your digital local marketing campaign performance along with industry standards and adjust your campaign allocation based timely data to drive revenue and growth.

Single source of truth

Track performance of every tactic, campaign, and marketing program across channel partners, groups, tiers, and regions in a single performance view for both brands and channel partners.

Measure effectiveness of omnichannel local marketing, across any traditional and digital tactics.

Increase participation in your channel marketing programs to maximize co-op fund utilization and partner engagement.

Powerful interactive tools

With a granular view of local marketing spend and campaign information, view aggregated or granular data and build a customized view of your business. These reports put you in control and improves your ability to take action on data-driven insights.

Our insights provide pre-built reports and dashboards, with flexible user access at the agent, region or territory level.

Subscribe and get notified when new reports are available with a daily data refresh cycle to help you make data driven decisions.

Who can Benefit?

Channel Marketing VP/CMO
Measure impact on revenue and ROI of local marketing programs, and provide effective plan for use of marketing funds.
Local Marketing
Provide visibility into local markets, and difficult to identify key markets, regions, agents or partners to increase sales.

Customer Successes

Analytics and Insights Key Capabilities

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