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Artificial intelligence empowers your affiliates to do more with less. By creating content, executing tactics, and completing routine tasks AI can make local marketing a breeze — and take your ROI to new heights.

AI Is Revolutionizing Local Marketing

We’ve all heard the buzz around AI. Automated this. Generated that. But did you know it can actually help you drive better local marketing results?

BrandMuscle makes local marketing easy. Now we make AI easy, too.

With BrandMuscle, AI reduces risk. AI saves time. It writes content, activates campaigns, recommends marketing tactics, and lights the way through the local marketing darkness.

BrandMuscle Makes AI Easy

Our AI-based solutions streamline marketing processes for all of your affiliates. Through these AI solutions, local businesses can find new ways to reach customers with targeted marketing campaigns that are more effective than ever before.

Quality content: Generative AI can help you create content in seconds, ranging from local flyers to blogs to review responses. A few simple words can produce a substantial amount of high-quality content that stays compliant.

Personalized advice: AI-powered local marketing recommendations align the corporate marketing team with the local affiliate. This ensures timely execution and proper targeting every single time.

Boost efficiency: AI-assisted workflows streamline your processes by automating time-consuming tasks, including setting up campaigns, submitting fund approvals, and ensuring compliance. Now you have time to run your business and focus on sales.

Meet Markie, The Local Marketing Virtual Assistant

Markie is the first-ever marketing virtual assistant. Partners can pose questions via SMS text, email, or a chatbot within the platform and receive local marketing advice immediately.

Want to know your co-op fund balance? Markie will respond with an exact dollar amount and provide personalized suggestions on how your partners should use those funds.

Markie gathers data about which tactics generate the best results and makes recommendations to improve campaigns based on its findings.

Markie seamlessly blends the tactics, technology, and marketing guidance partners need to successfully participate in your program.

Who Can Use AI?

Local Marketing Managers
Receive hyper-personalized local marketing guidance. Never get stuck on a campaign again — with our AI solution, creativity is always at your fingertips.
Channel Marketing Leaders
Increase partner participation in your local marketing program by offering AI-based marketing recommendations that remove the friction of execution.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is artificial intelligence?

Artificial intelligence is technology that simulates human intelligence so that computers can perform tasks and improve results.

How can AI improve results?

AI can answer queries, make personalized marketing recommendations, execute tactics, and optimize campaigns on your local affiliates’ behalf. AI makes it easy for partners to participate in brands’ national marketing campaigns.

What can a virtual marketing assistant do?

A virtual marketing assistant, like Markie, makes marketing decision-making and execution easy. With just a few clicks or voice commands, it can help local partners submit reimbursement claims, opt into subscription packages, access campaign reporting, optimize campaigns using real-time data, and suggest marketing actions. Consider your campaigns done.