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What’s Brewing in the Labs?
Optimize your local marketing spend with machine learning

Our customers are always looking for ways to improve the effectiveness of their marketing spend. With thousands of resellers, stores, distributors, agents, and channel partners, optimizing this spend can be a daunting challenge, even for the most tech-savvy marketers.

At BrandMuscle Labs, we apply machine learning algorithms against our vast, anonymized database of the millions of MDF and co-op tactics that are generated each year.

Machine learning will optimize your local marketing spend to build a model that predicts which marketing tactics can yield the best results for a given location.

Our intelligent fund optimization engine helps channel marketing teams leverage historical data and proactively recommend local marketing tactics to improve outcomes.

- Utilizes hybrid recommender ML algorithms
- Historical patterns are used to calculate tactic ratings
- Profile matching is used when historical data is not available or sufficient
- In-house expertise can complement the ML engine to override or modify recommendations
Accelerate adoption through conversational user interfaces and natural language processing
Let’s face it: Most local agents, distributors, resellers, and channel partners aren’t marketing experts. In fact, their busy schedules often leave them very little time to even think about marketing. They need intuitive solutions that require no training and that just work.

At BrandMuscle Labs, we leverage natural language processing, or NLP, technology to build conversational user interfaces that improve the usability of through-channel marketing automation technology.

These conversational interfaces are often embodied in chatbots, which can be deployed across mobile, web, and other channels. Local partners can chat with a virtual marketing assistant, without having to learn how to use a new application. These intelligent assistants help channel partners execute programs, learn about past performance, and even proactively recommend a marketing tactic to get new customers.

- Utilizes existing best-of-breed NLP platforms
- Can define topics based on common local partner needs and activities
- Chatbots can integrate with our systems to provide more holistic capabilities