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Fund: Co-op, MDF & Incentives

BrandMuscle makes co-op, MDF and all of your local marketing funds work the way they were intended to by engaging your channel partners and strengthening those relationships through a revenue-driving marketing plan. We don’t just manage funds, we optimize them through data-driven, targeted allocation to the right marketing tactics and strategies that will provide the highest ROI for your brand.

Our team provides the strategic plan and support to proactively spend those dollars on the right tactics in each of your local markets, whether you want to control individual tactic allocations or just make sure all your dollars are spent.

With our predictive analytics, we can deliver options that accomplish results, spending within a precise framework that tightly focuses on those ready to buy, all while keeping the radar on for the next round of prospects, eliminating wasteful marketing spends.

Start translating valuable advertising dollars to working tactics that drive sales.

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86% of local business partners say co-op is critical to their ability to execute local marketing. - BrandMuscle State of Local Marketing Research
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