Fund: Co-op, MDF & Incentives

Co-op & MDF Management

BrandMuscle makes using and administering co-op, MDF and other marketing funds painless by providing a single, easy-to-use platform with reporting and analytics built in. We automate the pre-approval, claim submission, and reimbursement process, freeing marketers and program participants from administrative burdens. It’s flexible, allowing you to easily establish business rules and fund programs, and then designate the approved marketing materials and channels you want your local businesses to use.

  • Online Claim Submissions: Automated and standardized processing of outdated claim submission and payments to accomplish in minutes what once took weeks.

  • View Fund Balances: Real-time insight so you can easily reward top performers by loading additional funds based on products, verticals, or sales performance.

  • Streamlined Workflow: Optional “prior approval” module lets participants know in advance if a claim will be approved, eliminating guesswork and frustration when claims are denied after an ad has run.

  • Performance Management: Provides complete visibility into who is participating in the program, the tactics they’ve applied for, and how they’ve spent those dollars - allowing you to monitor their spending and budgets.

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53% of local business partners say they receive co-op/MDF or local marketing funds toward their marketing efforts. - BrandMuscle State of Local Marketing Research
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