Sales Incentives & SPIFFs

Brand sales incentive programs, often referred to as “SPIFF” programs, can be an effective tactic for increasing sales and encouraging brand loyalty from local affiliates’ sales associates—particularly those who also sell competing brands. For other brands, incentivizing local affiliate personnel for successfully completing training programs is a key metric for local sales growth. Either way, Brandmuscle makes it easy for brands to create and offer sales, training, and other type incentive programs that engage and motivate the entire channel, from distributors and dealers to individual sales associates.

Brandmuscle encourages local affiliate participation by offering easy access to enrollment, account earnings, redemption information, sales reporting, program-related terms, and overall program communications. From highly-motivating merchandise, to travel, to debit card or traditional cash payments, Brandmuscle’s dedicated team of channel marketing experts can design and fulfill any size program.

Brandmuscle also provides a full suite of reporting tools for corporate and field managers, including year-end tax reporting for 1099-MISC (IRS), T4A (CRA) and RL-1 (Revenu Quebec) slip filings.

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Brandmuscle quickly deploys customized incentive programs ranging from the simplest to highly complex structures – effectively driving targeted product sales.
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