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Execute: Local Marketing Campaigns

It’s a handsome deal. In addition to our industry-leading SaaS, you gain the collective strength and knowledge of our Performance Marketing Team. They’ll help you develop and execute integrated, location-based marketing plans to strategically invest the right dollar amounts into the right tactics at the right time.

When we develop a campaign, we do what works for the local area - unbiased toward tactics and media types, and go with what maximizes impact for local businesses. We bring the same tools, skills, and thought leadership to the table that was previously only available to multi-million dollar campaigns, making once inaccessible tools, tactics, and prices available at the local level. The team executes more than 30,000 local digital, traditional, program and event buys annually. You’ll see the results with reporting in exacting detail, covering everything from clicks to in-store visits.

BrandMuscle’s User Support Center expertly fields marketing-related questions from local businesses and channel partners. Our Support Team members work in tandem with the Performance Marketing team, and are well versed on each of our clients’ individual marketing programs and solutions, meaning help is just a phone call away.

BrandMuscle simplifies local marketing execution:

  • Targeted media plans tailored to your local businesses’ individual budgets

  • Negotiating discounted rates

  • Single or multiple location planning

  • Local market research

  • Existing media plan and proposal review

  • Creative selection and ad creation assistance

  • Proof of published material

  • Invoicing and co-op submitted on behalf of local business partners

Create & Fund Local Marketing Across Any Tactic

“From the initial planning phase to the final implementation, the BrandMuscle team is able to assist me with developing marketing strategies to help grow my new business. It is a great feeling knowing that we have such a knowledgeable support system to rely on. They definitely make my job easier.” - Brittney, Insurance Agent
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