Physical Executions

Direct Mail

What if we told you that instead of sending out 20,000 mailers for the standard 1 to 5 percent response rate we could deliver 1,000 with a desired response rate? That’s the precision marketing future of data-driven direct mail.

According to BrandMuscle’s State of Local Marketing Report, direct mail is the most used traditional tactic among local businesses, with 66 percent saying they utilized it in 2017. Executing direct mail campaigns has historically been a tedious process for time-strapped local business partners. BrandMuscle’s complete suite of direct mail tools allows local business partners to quickly customize and order their direct mail with a one-stop shop approach. With a click of a button, they can send their materials to a printer and have them delivered to a customer’s doorstep.

Make direct mail work for you with precision marketing.

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“I sent 10,000 postcards and already have 15 new activations in just a week!” - Wireless Agent
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