Whether it’s an in-store gala or a tent at the county fair, events prove to be a consistently effective way for local businesses to promote themselves. There’s nothing like showcasing a product or answering questions in person when you really want to connect with your customer base.

Events are a big deal for everyone. With 85 percent of local businesses saying events are the #1 most effective marketing tactic, providing them with the support they need is imperative to local marketing success. That’s where BrandMuscle’s experienced event marketing team comes in. BrandMuscle maintains a regularly-updated database of local events across the country that are solid matches for your business. We make event management simple, resulting in more leads and in-person sales. 

“Local businesses say events are the #1 most effective marketing tactic, but also the #1 hardest to pull off on their own.” - BrandMuscle State of Local Marketing Research
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