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You know how hard it is to put your phone down. That’s why mobile first has become the dominant web paradigm. According to Google, 90 percent of shopping starts online, with 9 out of 10 customers preferring to purchase locally. Are they finding your business? With us, they will.

After analyzing hundreds of thousands of local websites, we found that national brands are often missing out on more than half of their potential website traffic due to issues with local website performance. If your local businesses’ websites aren’t showing up prominently in search results, you’re both losing sales. From the core structure of how the site is coded to load quickly to optimizing how your content performs in search engine rankings, we understand every detail of what makes a website into a conversion tool.

BrandMuscle’s LocationBuilder™ platform is a breakthrough solution that gives corporate marketing teams an easy and more effective way to manage the activation and optimization of their local businesses' websites. Within a few minutes, local business partners can create a location-specific website, microsite, or landing page, establishing a unique local online presence for your national brand.

  • Dramatically speeds up your local sites and eliminates duplicate content; causing your local search rankings to climb.

  • Optimizes your sites for mobile search, because if customers can't find you on their phones, you don't exist.

  • Brings you happier customers, correctly extending the reach of your local websites to over 300 online directories and amplifiers.

  • Cascades the power and sophistication of your big-brand corporate marketing to the local level with incredible content creation tools while integrating seamless compliance workflows.

  • Unleashes the power of AI to deliver superior customer service and support experiences with the power of automatic speech recognition and natural language understanding.

  • Empowers both corporate and local marketers with incredible insights into performance and business value with advanced analytics

81% of customers conduct online research before making purchases. - Retailing Today
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