When menus need changed to reflect local tastes, seasonality, or new pricing, BrandMuscle makes it easier than ever for sales reps, food and beverage directors, and other local business partners to uniquely customize and order on an account-specific basis, all while eliminating the need to bulk order generic menus.

Flexible templates provide users with numerous creative possibilities for layout, design, content, size, and production materials. Templates are programmed with your corporate guidelines in mind so that an end user can change as much or as little as you want them to. 

BrandMuscle’s platform allows for real-time insight into template usage and the content entered through program analytics, which enables tracking of key brand placements. Your local business partners are equipped with the latest and most accurate information to properly promote and advertise your brand. Our manufacturing capabilities allow us to produce virtually any product, from A-frames and check presenters to more elaborate and unique custom menu covers.

BrandMuscle is the #1 producer of menu books in the country.
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