All of your customers are on social media, 81 percent of Americans and growing, so you need to be there too -- leading the conversation. 

Local business partners may not have the time or expertise to manage social media, and may even be competing with the national brand’s efforts. BrandMuscle helps streamline social media with optimized content and placement that’s most relevant to your hyperlocal audiences. 

With BrandMuscle Social, local business partners have a cost-effective way to generate more local leads, create brand awareness, and interact with current and potential customers. Our data-driven insights can determine optimal social channels for your audience, and most effective posting times and content types. 

Strengthen your social media presence with BrandMuscle Social.

When both local and corporate Facebook pages exist, the data shows 85% of customer engagement occurs on local pages, not the corporate pages or even the corporate website. - Local Search Association
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