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Meet Markie, The Local Marketing Virtual Assistant 

Do your partners lack the time and knowledge to participate in your local marketing program, and wish someone could do it for them? Meet Markie, the industry's first local marketing virtual assistant that can make marketing recommendations and execute tactics on behalf of your partners using AI.

Not sure what marketing actions to take? Ask Markie.

Partners can pose a question to Markie via SMS text, email, or a chatbot within the BrandMuscle Intelligent Local Marketing Platform and receive local marketing guidance immediately. For example, partners may ask, “What is my co-op fund balance?” Markie will respond with an exact dollar amount and provide personalized suggestions about how they should use those funds according to the rules of the brand’s program.

AI-based local marketing execution

Markie uses AI to execute marketing tasks on behalf of partners. With just a few clicks or voice commands, Markie can submit reimbursement claims, opt in to subscription packages, access campaign reporting, and more. Overtime, Markie gathers data about which tactics generate the best results for the individual partner and makes recommendations to improve campaigns based on its findings.

Remove barriers to participation with seamless integration

Many partners want to participate in your marketing program, but they lack the time and knowledge, or find the processes and policies too complicated to follow through with execution. They're looking for an easy user experience and do-it-for-me programs that take the guesswork out of local marketing. Markie seamlessly integrates the tactics, technology, and marketing guidance partners need to successfully participate in your program.

Who Can Benefit?

Local Marketing Manager
Receive personalized, AI-based local marketing guidance and execute tactics that effectively use co-op dollars to drive business value and improve Marketing Maturity.
Director of Channel Marketing
Increase partner participation in your local marketing program by offering easy access to marketing recommendations and do-it-for-me solutions.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a virtual marketing assistant?

A virtual marketing assistant uses AI to answer queries, make personalized marketing recommendations, execute tactics, and optimize campaigns. It makes it easy for local partners to participate in brands’ national marketing campaigns.

What can a virtual marketing assistant do?

A virtual marketing assistant makes marketing decision-making and execution easy. With just a few clicks or voice commands, it can help local partners submit reimbursement claims, opt in to subscription packages, access campaign reporting, optimize campaigns using real-time data, and suggest marketing actions.