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What Is the State of Local Marketing?

The State of Local Marketing is a data-driven report series that assesses local affiliates’ marketing behaviors and analyzes how they impact business outcomes. This first-party research is filled with actionable insights marketers can instantly apply to their strategies and helps brands drive optimal results through their channel partners.

The 2023 State of Local Marketing contains 146,832 data points derived from 3,192 local affiliates. This yearly publication has become the industry standard for local marketing insights.

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The Data You Need to Make Strategic Decisions

The State of Local Marketing is a treasure trove of actionable insights that can help you move the needle at your organization.

By reading The State of Local Marketing, you’ll learn:

  • The best tactics to step up your local marketing game

  • How making your affiliates happier can lead to better results

  • What to focus on to improve local marketing revenue

  • The 3 local channels to drop from your marketing mix

  • How affiliates really feel about marketing (and what it means for you)

  • The best ways to get your partners spending co-op funds

  • The most common marketing program hiccups — and remedies

Basically, it’s a lot of cutting-edge data that we’ve analyzed so you don’t have to.

Every data point is accompanied by expert takeaways that will help you activate your channel partners and drive more results for your brand.

Dive Into All the Local Marketing Insights

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Get all the latest local marketing data from this year’s reports:

Insurance Industry

And be sure to check out this industry-specific report:

What Is Local Marketing?

Local marketing is the process of distributing a brand’s message to local consumers through its channel partners — aka, affiliates with physical locations within the community. Affiliates’ close proximity to customers makes it easier for these partners to effectively target and connect with local audiences.

Unlike national marketing initiatives, local marketing campaigns are geared toward customers in specific cities, zip codes, and designated market areas (DMAs). You can get even more granular with hyper-local marketing, which targets individual consumers at the device or household level. This level of specificity requires affiliates to personalize their marketing messages to achieve the greatest success.

Learn more about how to master your local marketing.

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The Top Local Marketing Stats of 2023

Not ready to dig into the reports yet? Here’s a sneak peek into this year’s insights:


of local partners feel that marketing is important, but their actual marketing efforts say otherwise. See where your affiliates fall short and how you can boost their marketing efforts.


of affiliates aren’t fully satisfied with their local marketing programs. Learn why and what you can do about it.


of partners leave co-op funds on the table. See what’s stopping your affiliates from spending and how to motivate them to use these dollars.


of affiliates think flyers and brochures are effective marketing tactics — yet over 50% use them. Learn which channels local partners should invest in.

Put The Insights Into Action

Now that you’re armed with the insights you need to optimize your local marketing, it’s time to secure the tools to make it happen. Our robust ecosystem of local marketing solutions is designed to unify your brand and channel partners, amplify your local markets, and drive more revenue.
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