Sustainability is in our DNA

Embracing sustainable practices isn’t just good for business — it’s the right thing to do. And we’ve been doing it since day one. See how you can reach your sustainable marketing goals with BrandMuscle.

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G7 Master Grayscale Badge

G7 Master Facility Qualification

G7 ensures consistent color matching with minimal waste. We’ve achieved our Master status 12 years in a row, meaning that our color measurement equipment, process control procedures, and print quality are dependable and sustainable. With BrandMuscle, you can expect high-quality print materials with minimal environmental impact.

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Forest Stewardship Council

Our Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certification ensures that print products are earth-conscious and responsibly sourced. By upholding FSC’s responsible forestry standards, we help preserve biodiversity, safeguard endangered forests, and prevent deforestation. By printing with BrandMuscle, you become a part of this positive change.

Sustainable marketing starts with selecting the right partner

You need a partner who takes sourcing and recycling seriously. When you print with us, you’ll have access to a wide range of recyclable materials that provide long-term business and environmental value. With BrandMuscle, you can feel proud knowing you’re making a difference.

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BrandMuscle Cardboard Recycle Icon

18.5 tons

of cardboard recycled every year

BrandMuscle Plastic Recycle Icon

4 tons

of plastic recycled every year

BrandMuscle Paper Recycle Icon

46 tons

of paper recycled every year

Reducing environmental impact one order at a time

It’s all about reducing impact by digitalizing workflows and offering bulk and print-on-demand options to minimize waste and reduce your carbon footprint.

Brandmuscle Digital Workflow Icon
digital workflows, virtual proofing, and archiving
Brandmuscle Recycled Packaging Icon
recycled content on all shipping materials
Brandmuscle Recycle Plastic Icon
post-recycled paper and we only buy what is needed

Exceed your sustainability goals

Get on track to reach your sustainability goals. With BrandMuscle, you can achieve the greatest local marketing results with minimal environmental impact.

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BrandMuscle Lean Manufacturing Icon

LEAN manufacturing processes

Maximize process efficiency and minimize waste with LEAN manufacturing across all print and fulfillment centers.

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Virtualization technologies

Diminish your physical server footprint and power consumption with the latest technology.

BrandMuscle E Recycling Icon


Reduce discarded electronic waste thanks to our partnerships with e-recycling vendors.

BrandMuscle Print On Demand Icon

Print on demand

Only order only what you need, when you need it. Help reduce costs and waste from your marketing.

BrandMuscle Fulfillment On Demand Icon

Fulfillment on demand

Reduce transportation emissions and wasted storage space with fulfillment-on-demand solutions.

We practice what we preach

It’s not just about prioritizing sustainable processes for our clients — we also bring these practices into our offices.

LEED Certified 2022 Badge
office buildings in Cleveland and Chicago
Energy Star Badge
rated laptops used by employees in both the U.S. and India
BrandMuscle Work From Home Icon
flexibility and encouraged use of public transit

What our team has to say:

“At Four Roses, we want to move toward sustainability. BrandMuscle offers different types of paper options, so we can use FFC paper as needed. Printing with BrandMuscle also limits waste. We’re not printing 500 of something we know is not going to be used. We’re ordering as needed. It helps us be more eco-friendly.”
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Sustainable marketing solutions that work for you

See how our sustainable solutions help the environment in real time.

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