Distributor dashboard – beverage alcohol

February 29, 2024
Report Center

The Distributor Dashboard provides on-demand key marketing metrics to corporate and market-level users.

With the Distributor Dashboard, you can access valuable reporting on all your print job and review current and historical data on demand.

Here’s what you can do with the new Distributor Dashboard:

• Supplier: Get insight into the number of jobs and brand mentions for each supplier.
• Brand: Review all jobs and brand mentions for each of your company’s brands.
• Template: Get details into your monthly template trends. This tab breaks down the number of custom and template jobs a specific user creates, including the specific market the job was created for.
• Financial: View your monthly financial trends and yearly invoice and chargeback comparisons. You can compare chargebacks between the current year and last or review the details of brand or user-specific chargebacks. Get a KPI quarterly summary that breaks down chargeback amount, invoiced, and recovery.
• Jobs: Pinpoint which states and users create the most rushed jobs.

The report will default to show data for the current year, but you can select up to 4 years’ worth of data to review. Filters allow you to review specific data based on parameters like region, premise, and print format.

With easily digestible reporting data, you can make informed business decisions quickly and efficiently.

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