Create stunning and compliant designs

Say goodbye to rogue marketing materials with a graphic design solution built with compliance in mind. With Palette, your affiliates can seamlessly create digital and print assets while ensuring all artwork is brand- and legal-compliant.

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Create designer-level artwork

Empower your local partners to design professional-quality marketing materials in minutes and get campaigns out the door in record time. With user-friendly controls, pre-loaded templates, and AI-powered features, Palette enables anyone to create eye-catching designs with no experience necessary.

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Ensure brand and legal compliance

Compliance violations are a thing of the past, thanks to Palette’s built-in compliance barriers. Your affiliates can choose from a wide selection of pre-approved assets that accurately convey your brand. Then, the platform automatically runs compliance checks on the final design and reports any violations that require corrections.

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Bring your designs to life

Endless design possibilities are at your fingertips. Palette allows affiliates to create both print and digital assets for any channel — from social media ads and web content to banners and direct mail.

See Palette in action

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See how easy design can be

Get a test run of the new graphic design solution to see how it can transform your local marketing.

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