Fund management

Simple, effective fund management

Equip your affiliates with technology that removes barriers and encourages them to invest marketing funds in hyper-local programs to drive record-breaking results.

BrandMuscle Fortune 1000 Fund Management Solution
Fortune 1000 Fund Management Customizable Rules Feature
Customize your program

Make the most of your marketing budget. Choose which tactics to include in your program, how to reimburse, and which affiliates qualify for corporate funds. Manage co-op, MDF, and chargebacks with customizable rules — then sit back and watch your program work for you.

Fortune 1000 Fund Management Simplify Feature
Simplify complex processes

Getting your affiliates marketing has never been easier. Instead of hoops to jump through, streamline your rules, processes, and approvals to remove friction and get your partners spending. When marketing is simple, you create affiliates who drive brand awareness and revenue.

Fortune 1000 Fund Management Available Funds Feature
Save time with automated solutions

Access a centralized portal that gives affiliates visibility into their available funds so they can calculate their next campaign and strategize their next move. With a fund management platform that automatically manages reimbursements, your affiliates get back valuable time to tackle other tasks. Further optimize spending with automated budget tracking that works at the location, affiliate, and activity level, to get you the most ROI.

Fortune 1000 Fund Management Create Local Marketers Feature
Create local marketers

Use accrual tools that dispense funds to affiliates based on performance and other KPIs to maximize your investment.

Fortune 1000 Fund Management Analytics Feature
Optimize with analytics

Sophisticated, insightful reporting lets you look at specific affiliate activities and locations to measure their marketing impact. With increased visibility, you can incentivize future activity, optimize spend, and improve lead generation. Use accrual tools that dispense funds to affiliates based on performance and other KPIs to maximize your investment.

Fortune 1000 Fund Management Combine Tech Services Feature
Get partners spending

Combine the right technology with the right services to get your affiliates investing. Connect your affiliates with experienced marketers who can help them optimize their spend and provide the support they need to win.

Don’t take our word for it:

“We’re reducing costs, saving time, and empowering dealers to get locally relevant messages out faster while protecting the brand. The BrandMuscle technology is so intuitive that it has become our dealers’ centralized campaign planning tool.”
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Take control of your revenue stream

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