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Resonate with local customers at scale

Drive sales and improve ROI with BrandBuilder™, our best-in-class brand management solution that scales local marketing campaigns across your entire ecosystem.

BrandMuscle Fortune 1000 Brand Management Solution
Fortune 1000 Brand Management Scalability Feature
Empower local affiliates

Help your affiliates personalize and execute brand- and legal-compliant marketing campaigns to drive sales at the local level. Combine proven marketing tactics with training to empower local partners to market more effectively and efficiently. As a single end-to-end solution with integrated vendors, BrandBuilder™ allows you to easily scale local marketing programs from strategy to execution through physical or digital templates.

Fortune 1000 Brand Management Consistency Feature
Maximize brand awareness

Keep corporate and local aligned to drive greater impact. When the message affiliates take to local communities is the message you want customers to hear, your brand will remain consistent across the entire customer journey in all of your local markets. Compliance is key, and our brand management solution and team of compliance experts makes sure your message remains consistently compelling across your entire marketing ecosystem.

Fortune 1000 Brand Management Customized Creative Feature
Customize your creative

Get access to top design talent and create high-quality, eye-catching marketing with BrandBuilder™.

Fortune 1000 Brand Management Compliance Feature
Keep campaigns compliant

Keep your marketing brand- and legal-compliant, so you turn heads for all the right reasons. Never worry about non-compliant campaigns reaching the market again with a partner who puts compliance first.

Fortune 1000 Brand Management Library Feature
Revolutionize your process

With an all-in-one hub for your brand-approved materials, your affiliates can easily access assets and streamline their marketing processes. Never worry about categorizing your content again — let us build your library for you. Then, use reports for insights into which assets your affiliates use (and which they ignore).

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Guide your affiliates to local marketing success

Campaign planning just got a whole lot easier. Provide your affiliates with tailored campaign support with a tool that recommends the best channels, tactics, and strategies. Plus, all marketing strategies are customized to your partners’ budgets, goals, and industry. That means they can enjoy more efficient campaign execution while driving better results for your brand. It’s a win-win. 

Don’t take our word for it:

“The great thing about our growth trajectory is we know BrandMuscle is going to be there as a long-term partner. …It’s going to be an exciting five years.”
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