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AI services create content, automate processes, and save your affiliates time to maximize revenue.

BrandMuscle Fortune 1000 AI Solution
Fortune 1000 AI Content Feature
Write irresistible content in seconds

Get a sophisticated AI solution to create content that converts. With a simple prompt, you can create emails, social media posts, and seductive subject lines so your busy affiliates don’t have to. Plus: AI keeps local content on brand with your unique tone and voice.

Fortune 1000 AI Marketing Efficiency Feature
Level up your local marketing

Let AI automate your affiliates’ workflows, submit co-op claims, and set up campaigns to free them to run their business. AI services boost marketing efficiency and execution while reaching specific local targets every time.

Fortune 1000 AI Compliance Feature
Stay compliant

Make sure your AI-generated content is legal- and brand-compliant 100% of the time. No other AI-powered marketing solution puts compliance at the center of its technology. But with AI services, you’ll never worry about compliance violations again.  

Calendar with envelope and AI symbol
Help your affiliates get unstuck

Affiliates struggling to launch campaigns that drive results? Not for long. With assisted campaign planner, your partners can experience seamless support with an AI-powered marketing assistant.

This feature makes marketing easy by providing customized recommendations, tactic execution support, and data-driven performance insights. Plus, this AI tool evaluates your partners’ unique business goals, budgets, and industry to determine the best marketing strategies for their needs.

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“BrandMuscle continues to be a critical element of our marketing mix. We are in a very competitive environment, and we’re a national brand that competes on a local level.”
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