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Leverage a vendor marketplace of reliable partners to save you time and get cutting-edge marketing for your business.

BrandMuscle Channel Affiliate Marketplace Solution
Channel Affiliate Marketplace Experts Feature
Save time, drive leads

Finding partners you can trust is time consuming. But with an efficient vendor marketplace, you can access curated and vetted experts to assist your marketing efforts, increase sales, and save you time.

Channel Affiliate Marketplace Personalized Portal Feature
Maximize impact with customization

Instead of shopping around, browse a personalized portal to find vendors that work for you. Marketplace works like an app store. You choose which vendor fits your budget, timeline, and objectives. Boosting your marketing impact has never been easier.

Channel Affiliate Marketplace Streamline Reimbursements Feature
Drive results with co-op

The vendor marketplace lets you apply your co-op funds upfront. Subsidizing your marketing can be as easy as logging on each morning. Streamlined reimbursements mean you can execute marketing campaigns without complex processes.

What your peers think:

“By making it easier for our franchisees to launch new marketing campaigns, BrandMuscle improves ease of use on both sides: It’s easier for franchisees to launch, and Liberty as franchisor gets an easy way to improve effectiveness.”
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