PowerPoint templates

February 21, 2024

Boost your presentation creation experience with our intuitive and brand-compliant PowerPoint templates feature.

With the PowerPoint feature, you can create customized PowerPoint templates directly within your BrandBuilder® instance.

When configuring the templates, you’ll have the flexibility to define the customizable content for users. Then, users can personalize their presentations by selecting specific slides to include in their deck.

There are three types of slides users can choose from:

  • Required: These slides will be auto-selected, meaning users cannot build a PowerPoint deck without including them.
  • Optional: Users can choose whether or not to include these slides in their deck.
  • Dependent: These are slides that admins can group together. So, if a user selects one slide, the dependent slides will be auto-selected and cannot be deselected.

After customizing their deck, users can conveniently download their PowerPoint presentations as PDF or PPT files to their desktops. Once the file is downloaded, it is secure and cannot be edited, preserving the integrity of your brand’s messaging and design.

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