BrandMuscle’s LocationBuilder Transforms the Way National Brands Activate and Optimize Local Websites and Landing Pages

BrandMuscle | May 31, 2017

Chicago, IL, May 31, 2017 – BrandMuscle announced today the official launch of LocationBuilder™, a significant addition to the company’s BrandBuilder® platform that dramatically improves the way multi-location brands engage consumers by activating and optimizing their local digital presence. Using LocationBuilder, national brands can now empower their local business partners (i.e. dealers, agents, retailers, distributors and franchisees) with an easy tool to create and publish websites and landing pages that complement the national brand and perform exceptionally better in local search results and media campaigns.

BrandMuscle’s multi-million dollar investment in LocationBuilder was spurred, in part, by the company’s State of Local Marketing Research which surveys thousands of local business partners each year to identify emerging trends and challenges in local marketing. While websites consistently rank as one of the most effective marketing tactics, local businesses cite extreme difficulty in managing their sites.

BrandMuscle has discovered the issue extends even further.

“After analyzing hundreds of thousands of local websites, we found that most multi-location businesses are often missing out on more than half of their potential website traffic due to issues with the way their local sites are built,” said Paul Elliott, Brandmuscle’s Chief Digital Officer. “They are simply unable to take advantage of the benefits of search engine optimization (SEO) because most current industry solutions fail to address some of the fundamentals of local search performance like unique content, citation accuracy, mobile accessibility and page speed. We built LocationBuilder from the ground up to address these and many other local marketing success factors.”

BrandMuscle recruited top digital marketing experts from across the country to design LocationBuilder, a solution that overcomes current voids in the brand-to-local web content management process. LocationBuilder takes the heavy lifting off, while empowering the local business partner. Additionally, it allows corporate marketers to monitor, approve and even schedule content updates across hundreds or thousands of their business partners’ location pages. Brandmuscle’s proprietary technology enhances the consumer user experience and dramatically elevates search engine results while providing real-time visibility into local site performance.

BrandMuscle clients that use LocationBuilder experience significant improvements in their local search rankings, site traffic, conversion rates, lead generation and sales within just a few weeks. Furthermore, they are seeing additional marketing impact from the use of landing pages when dynamically paired with paid media campaigns. One recently on-boarded Fortune 500 client with more than 4,000 local dealers experienced a 250% increase in organic search traffic, skyrocketing their dealers’ lead generation efforts.

“In the past five years, the number of search queries containing phrases like ‘near me’ has exploded. Seeking to align with this trend and enhance relevancy, the major search engines continue to localize their search results, meaning national brands with multi-locations need to take action or risk losing out to the local competition,” said Elliott. “LocationBuilder solves these challenges and is a win-win for the corporate brand and their local business partners.”

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