BrandMuscle and Vericast Deliver Unparalleled Insights-Driven Local Marketing Execution

BrandMuscle | September 29, 2021

Combined Capabilities Empower Customers to Reach More Local Markets and Improve Targeting

CHICAGO, Ill., September 29, 2021 – BrandMuscle, the industry leader in integrated local and channel marketing, is pleased to announce they have entered into a strategic agreement with Vericast, a leading marketing solutions company that delivers actionable insights and operational expertise at scale. Together, these respective leaders in through-channel marketing automation and consumer marketing will offer unparalleled insights-driven marketing execution that helps brands align their local and national marketing efforts.

Vericast also expects to leverage BrandMuscle’s Intelligent Local Marketing Platform to streamline execution of local marketing campaigns. BrandMuscle will use Vericast’s marketing technology and omnichannel solutions to enhance its local marketing services. Specifically, BrandMuscle will integrate Vericast’s award-winning Illumis™ platform to take a data-driven approach to omnichannel media buying fueled by the predictive intelligence of the Valassis Consumer Graph™. These unique insights from Vericast, gathered from over 140 billion consumer intent and location signals, will enable BrandMuscle to deliver more targeted performance marketing campaigns for brands and their channel partners.

“We feel it’s important to keep a pulse on the latest consumer marketing solutions so that we can help our customers reach their target audience and drive more revenue,” said Scott Weeren, CEO of BrandMuscle. “Vericast pushes the boundaries of data and insights. Working with them will allow us to expand our performance marketing capabilities and keep BrandMuscle at the forefront of marketing technology.”

The BrandMuscle-Vericast agreement streamlines integration between respective offerings and provides more value to channel marketers. BrandMuscle customers will enjoy many benefits, including:

  • A central, personalized web portal to plan, manage, and execute channel marketing programs, and scale them across local and national touchpoints while maintaining brand compliance
  • Detailed audience insights from the Valassis Consumer Graph for precise campaign targeting
  • Easy access to view and spend co-op and market development funds, with robust analytics to understand utilization rates and return on investment
  • Channel Partner Scorecard, a solution that uses gamification to increase channel partner adoption of marketing programs and grow revenue faster

“We have successfully completed a campaign test utilizing BrandMuscle’s Intelligent Local Marketing Platform combined with the power of Vericast’s Illumis Platform and are pleased with the early results,” said Michelle Engle, Chief Product Officer at Vericast. “This combination offers a unique approach to drive efficiencies and value for local channel marketers.”

BrandMuscle and Vericast customers can contact their account representative to learn more about how to add value to their channel marketing strategy.

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About BrandMuscle

BrandMuscle is the leader in integrated local and channel marketing, serving over 300 of the world’s top brands, with 700 professionals in seven offices globally. The BrandMuscle Intelligent Local Marketing Platform enables brands and their local marketing partners to deliver the greatest marketing impact to each individual customer. BrandMuscle simplifies and scales digital and physical marketing execution, enabling brands to acquire and retain the best customers, build loyalty, enhance lifetime customer value, and maximize ROI. For more information about BrandMuscle visit or call (866) 464-4342.

About Vericast

Vericast is reimagining marketing solutions one business-to-human connection at a time. By influencing how over 120 million households eat, shop, buy, save and borrow, Vericast fuels commerce, drives economic growth and directly accelerates revenue potential for over 70,000 brands and businesses. While its award-winning portfolio of products, technology and solutions — including Illumis™, Household Connect ™, Valassis Consumer Graph™ and Harland Clarke ChecksCX™ — are a piece of the Vericast story, its people are the true differentiators; trailblazers in data intelligence, marketing services, transaction solutions, campaign management and media delivery.

22 October 2021

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