BrandMuscle Channel Marketing Excellence Awards

BrandMuscle | October 16, 2020

While national ad campaigns receive widespread recognition, marketing leaders who make local cash registers ring often quietly labor as unsung champions. They go to bat for their channel partners because they truly recognize that individual partners’ success yields collective success. To celebrate the marketing leaders who go above and beyond within their organizations to empower the success of their channel partners, we at BrandMuscle invite clients to complete submissions for the Channel Marketing Excellence Awards.

The categories are listed below. To be considered for an award, select the categories whose criteria fit your channel marketing program and submit your case study or supporting documents to by November 6. Independent judges will evaluate submissions based on the data and descriptions provided. Award recipients will be announced in March.

State of Local Marketing Maturity Achievement Award

Description: We know from our State of Local Marketing Research that partners at the highest levels of marketing maturity can achieve revenue results two times greater than counterparts in the lowest stages of maturity. This award recognizes the marketing organization that has achieved the highest YOY increase in Local Marketing Maturity score.

Decision Criteria: Participated in State of Local Marketing Assessment in 2019 and 2020 and achieved the Highest YOY increase in Local Marketing Maturity Score.

SpotMenus Promoter of the Year

Description: Recognizes the Distributor customer who obtained the highest level of SpotMenus use based on market potential.

Decision Criteria: Distributor with the highest percentage of adoption in their territories.

Best Channel Partner Support During COVID-19

Description: Recognizes the marketing organization that went above and beyond to support their channel partners in the most impactful ways during the pandemic.

Decision Criteria: Explain what your marketing organization did to empower your channel partners to not only survive, but thrive, during the pandemic.

Most Improved Channel Marketing Program Performance

Description: Recognizes the Marketing organization that leveraged BrandMuscle research, optimization recommendations and channel partner feedback to make measurable improvements to their channel partner program and overall performance.

Decision Criteria: Describe the changes that were made to the program to achieve better alignment between corporate and local partner goals and results including measurable impact on program enrollment, partner satisfaction, usage, leads, impressions, sales, etc.

Channel Partner Champion of the Year

Description: Recognizes the marketing organization that has ignited channel partner passion through solid performance in three key areas:

1) Ease of Use Through Integration and Consolidation of Vendors, Tools and Campaigns

2) Program Adoption and Participation

3) Results Delivered

Decision Criteria: A success story that shows how a brand has gone above and beyond to consolidate marketing technology and service vendors to onboard, maintain and grow their channels and empower channel partners’ success:

– High adoption, participation, and use of tools and services provided

– Participation %

– % Enrollment in Campaigns or Programs

– % Active Users (Logging into platform)

– Number of creative assets downloaded, co-branded and/or executed in market

– % Co-op/MDF/Marketing Fund Use Rate

– # Sales or Leads Generated

– Average Cost Per Acquisition/Lead Improvements

Best Channel Support for Launching a New Product or Campaign

Description: Launching a new product is tough, and launching it through a channel partner program adds an extra layer of complexity. We want to recognize the organization who excelled at navigating that complexity in 2020.

Decision Criteria: A case study that shows how a product was launched, what channels were used, and how the partners were included and made it successful. Additional consideration around metrics, data, and feedback.

Apply For a Channel Marketing Excellence Award

Submit your case study or supporting documents to by October 16, 2020.

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