BrandMuscle Announces New Collaboration With DISCUS

Gina Ghamo | March 5, 2024

BrandMuscle offers platform benefits to DISCUS Craft Members

CHICAGO, March 5th, 2024 – BrandMuscle and the Distilled Spirits Council of the United States (DISCUS) have announced their new collaboration.

Through this collaboration, DISCUS Craft Members may qualify for complimentary access to a streamlined version of BrandMuscle’s Instant Impact® brand management platform, which is specifically designed for beverage alcohol brands and their distributors.

DISCUS Craft Members will have the option to choose between three program tiers — the first two tiers come with varying levels of access to customizable templates, marketing assets, and print ordering, while the third tier allows organizations to expand these offerings and become a BrandMuscle customer. These programs also give members access to BrandMuscle’s team of graphic designers and meticulous compliance process.

In addition to platform access and cost savings, DISCUS Craft Members will also benefit from increased brand exposure to BrandMuscle’s distributor network and access to enterprise-level marketing expertise from key players in the bev-alc space.

“DISCUS is committed to amplifying and advocating for distilled spirits, and this partnership is another benefit our members can use to support their place in the market. We want our Craft Members to have access to a partner who understands compliance while producing point-of-sale materials, whether for on-premise or off-premise use,” said Aimee Carter, Vice President of Member Services & Business Development at DISCUS. “Learning to navigate and mitigate risks like wrong messaging, trademark infringements, and other aspects of compliance can be difficult. This benefit helps our Craft Members put their best foot forward.”

“This collaboration allows us to bring holistic support to the beverage alcohol industry. We look forward to working closely with up-and-coming suppliers and supporting them along their journey with best-in-class marketing solutions,” said Robert Olivares, Executive Vice President of Beverage Alcohol at BrandMuscle.

Learn how to become a DISCUS Craft Member:

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DISCUS is the national trade association representing leading producers and marketers of distilled spirits products in the United States. For more than 50 years, DISCUS has served as the distillers’ voice on policy and legislative issues, promoted the distilled spirits sector, and encouraged responsible and moderate consumption of distilled spirits.

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