BrandMuscle Expands SpotMenus™ to Support Liquor Stores and Retailers With Mobile Menus and Curbside Pickup

BrandMuscle | February 3, 2021

SpotMenus is Now Available to Off-Premise Accounts for Sharing Digital Point-of-Sale Content and Managing Curbside Pickup

CHICAGO, Illinois, February 3, 2021 – BrandMuscle, the industry leader in integrated local and channel marketing, announced today that it has launched new capabilities within the SpotMenus digital menu platform to support off-premise establishments. Retailers such as liquor stores, grocers, convenience stores, cannabis dispensaries, bakeries, vape, and cigar shops can now leverage the SpotMenus platform to safely and conveniently share digital point-of-sale content with customers on their mobile devices and manage curbside pickup.

These enhancements help retail establishments adapt to changes in consumer behavior brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic. Due to retail locations’ reduced capacity, the shopping experience has changed dramatically. With fewer touchpoints available and less interaction between customers and sales associates, establishments need a safe way to offer customers a convenient look at their product offerings. Off-premise establishments served by SpotMenus can now create custom QR code signage that, when scanned, displays specials, coupons, recipes, and product catalogs on customers’ mobile devices. As one of the first no-touch point-of-sale marketing platforms of its kind, this feature allows retailers to keep customers engaged in new marketing content and inspire them to make purchases.

Retailers can work with their distributor representatives to receive support for designing and printing in-store QR code promotional displays. This makes BrandMuscle a true one-stop shop for digital and point-of-sale retail marketing. The new SpotMenus features allow distributors to tap into the opportunity to promote their brands and products in off-premise settings by sponsoring point-of-sale marketing materials for retailers. The SpotMenus platform captures valuable customer data so that distributors, suppliers and retailers can all gain insight into the effectiveness of their no-touch marketing display, and they learn what type of content resonates with their audience.

Retailers can also leverage SpotMenus to simplify and enhance the curbside pickup experience. Scanning the QR code signage placed near their parking spot lets customers notify the retailer that they have arrived. While they wait to receive their purchase, the web browser on their phone will be redirected to promotional content so they can browse recipe ideas or other tailored content related to their purchase.

“SpotMenus has made great traction among restaurants and bars, and it is now serving an average of one million menus a week. We are excited to bring the same SpotMenus convenience to off-premise retail establishments,” said Richard Mendis, Chief Strategy Officer at BrandMuscle. “Liquor stores and other retail locations are still grappling with the realities of COVID-19, and SpotMenus helps them provide mobile convenience for customers to browse promotions, catalogs, specials, and other digital point-of-sale promotional material from suppliers. In addition, retailers can easily notify customers via SMS when their order is ready for pick-up.”

The SpotMenus platform gives off-premise establishments of all sizes, including independent businesses, franchises, and national chains, an easy, affordable way to leverage a no-touch point-of-sale marketing system that encourages customers to engage with certain brands and products. Starting today, establishments can contact their supplier or distributor for a sponsored account, or sign up directly for SpotMenus at

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About SpotMenus

SpotMenus is a no-touch digital menu platform designed to help establishments of all sizes serve guests with digital menus and engaging promotions on their personal mobile devices. Adopted by over 4,000 independent locations and serving up over 1 million digital menus per week, the SpotMenus platform and QR code signs provide guests with a sanitary method for instantly viewing menus or joining waitlists, without requiring registration or download. In turn, SpotMenus helps establishments adhere to state and municipal guidelines for operating safely amidst COVID-19. SpotMenus is also the only digital menu platform used by many of the largest alcohol, beverage, and food distributors and suppliers to gain analytical insights and support their customers with promotional menus and related services. For more information about SpotMenus visit

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