BrandMuscle Launches Industry’s First Local Events Marketing Solution for Channel Marketers

BrandMuscle | October 16, 2019

CHICAGO, October 16, 2019 — BrandMuscle today announced the launch of the industry’s first hyper-local events solution for channel marketers. The foundation of BrandMuscle’s events marketing solution is a database of over 8,000 carefully researched, high-quality, hyper-local events vetted by a team of marketing specialists and ranked by local partners.

For the past five years, BrandMuscle’s State of Local Marketing Report has found that agents, dealers, retailers, and other local channel partners who use event marketing, rank community events as one of the most effective tactics for driving measurable ROI. The report also found that participation in local events, while highly effective, is challenging for both corporate brands and their local partners. Brand marketers find it difficult to execute local event marketing at scale, and local partners struggle to identify which events they should attend.

“As we dug deeper into the data we noticed that despite being a highly effective tactic, a sizable number of partners were avoiding events simply because they had difficulty finding the right events to participate in,” states Jason Tabeling, EVP of Product Marketing at BrandMuscle. “In 2019, partners ranked events a top three marketing priority. By providing local partners with easy access to a high-quality data source for hyper-local events, we hope to make events more accessible to local partners and eliminate some of the barriers to entry.”

BrandMuscle’s Local Events Solution is Flexible and Easy to Use:

  • Eliminate time and money wasted on local event research and event databases that fail to deliver accurate hyperlocal event information by accessing a curated database of over 8,000 hyperlocal events.
  • Find the right events quickly with intuitive search, keywords, and category filters. Top performing categories include Home & Garden Shows, State & County Fairs, and Sporting/Health.
  • Discover personalized, algorithmically-suggested events based on search behavior and location.
  • Follow trends and channel partners’ interests in events with in-app user analytics.

With Turnkey Local Event Marketing Services, BrandMuscle Can:

  • Negotiate and reserve optimal exhibit locations on behalf of local partners.
  • Develop brand-compliant collateral, event kits, and supporting materials.
  • Order displays, banners, table cloths, promotional items, furniture and fixtures.
  • Assist with the development and execution of integrated event marketing campaigns, pre-event, day-of, and post-event lead follow up.
  • Provide ROI tracking and reporting on leads generated and sales closed.

Read more about how participating in local events can impact your business.

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