BrandMuscle Launches SpotMenus™ Mobile Menu Platform for Restaurants and Bars

BrandMuscle | May 15, 2020

Largest U.S. Producer of Menus and Point-of-Sale Marketing Materials Introduces Location-Based Digital Menu Platform, Optimized for Food and Beverage Distributors

CHICAGO, Ill., May 15, 2020 – BrandMuscle, the industry leader in integrated local and channel marketing, today announced the launch of SpotMenus, a digital menu platform designed to help restaurants, bars, and other on-premise establishments of all sizes, adhere to state guidelines for operating safely amidst COVID-19. Through the web-based platform, establishments will be able to offer patrons a safe and sanitary method for instantly viewing menus on a personal mobile device, without requiring registration or download. This digital menu solution complements disposable, sanitary, antimicrobial and washable physical menus, to help restaurants minimize risk to employees and customers as they begin to open for business. The State of California recently issued guidelines recommending establishments provide digital menus to patrons when possible, to supplement disposable and sanitary menus, and it is anticipated that this will become a standard best practice recommended throughout the country.

SpotMenus enables alcoholic beverage distributors and food suppliers to provide immediate support for mobile-enabled menus to both independent and multi-location establishments, at scale. It is the only digital menu platform to leverage proven technology for managing large numbers of business locations, supplier brands, and automated chargeback processes that comply with individual state laws governing the sale and marketing of alcoholic beverages. BrandMuscle already designs, produces, and delivers nearly two million menus and menu books each year to establishments nationwide, on behalf of the largest food and beverage suppliers, and SpotMenus is a natural extension to these offerings.

“BrandMuscle has long-standing relationships with over 200 leading beverage, alcohol, and food service brands, supporting over 20,000 supplier and distributor sales representatives, who provide customized menus and local marketing materials to restaurants and bars around the country,” said Richard Mendis, Chief Strategy Officer at BrandMuscle. “These deep industry relationships and capabilities uniquely positions BrandMuscle to work with food and beverage distributors to help millions of independent restaurants and bars provide a convenient and sanitary method of viewing digital menus on personal smartphone devices.”

Starting today, distributor and supplier customers can enroll individual or mass numbers of locations into the SpotMenus platform. Once opted-in, these establishments will receive a personalized welcome kit containing window stickers, table signs, and point-of-sale (POS) displays with dynamic QR codes that can be easily scanned by smartphones to instantly display a menu in web browsers. SpotMenus is designed with convenient user-experience and privacy concerns in mind: consumers are not required to register or provide any personal information to view menus.

An optional SpotMenus native mobile app for iOS and Android smartphones will be available in the Apple and Google app stores shortly, which automatically notifies customers when they are within the vicinity of a participating location, without requiring QR code scanning. SpotMenus business customers will also be able to order smart-enabled marketing and promotional materials, with NFC and Bluetooth beacon technology, which enables context-sensitive and location-aware interaction with the SmartMenus app, such as tapping a bar coaster to display a happy hour menu.

“The COVID-19 situation has resulted in a significant need for brands to bridge the gap between physical and digital marketing execution,” states Mendis. “The SpotMenus platform complements BrandMuscle’s extensive line of disposable and antimicrobial menus, social distancing signage and branded personal protective equipment (PPE) to create the most holistic post-COVID ‘back to business’ solution for the restaurant and bar industry.”

SpotMenus Platform Key Capabilities:

  • Enrolled establishments can easily manage their menus through a simple administrative website, where they can upload menu images or PDFs, specify visibility details such as time of day, and specify text menu options.
  • Establishments that need to change menu items frequently due to food and beverage supply chain constraints, can update digital menus at any time, for instantaneous consumer viewing.
  • Alcohol distributors can control the drink and wine list menu items featured within SpotMenus for each establishment that has enrolled in their program.
  • SpotMenus includes support for distributor and supplier chargebacks, leveraging industry-leading technology that has been used by the largest suppliers and distributors of alcohol for over a decade.
  • Detailed reports on menu and brand impressions are provided to the establishments, distributors, and suppliers who are part of the SpotMenus network.

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