Fedway Partners With BrandMuscle to Provide SpotMenus™ Digital Menu Platform to Restaurants, Clubs, Taverns and Bars in the State of New Jersey

BrandMuscle | June 9, 2020

Fedway and BrandMuscle Extend Partnership to Help Restaurants and Bars Reopen for Business

CHICAGO and NEW JERSEY, June 9, 2020 – Fedway, the leading wine and spirits distributor in New Jersey, has expanded its partnership with BrandMuscle, a leader in local marketing and the nation’s largest menu producer, to make SpotMenus, a digital menus platform, available to all of their customers. As establishments in the state of New Jersey reopen for business, they will need to follow state and Center for Disease Control guidelines for reducing the spread of coronavirus through the use of sanitary, disposable, and touchless menus. By extending its partnership with BrandMuscle, Fedway customers now have access to the SpotMenus platform, in addition to disposable and sanitary wine and spirits menu options.

Fedway customers can opt-in to the SpotMenus platform to deploy digital versions of wine and spirits menus that Fedway provides in compliance with state laws. BrandMuscle will also directly offer the SpotMenus platform for establishments to upload food menus, so that consumers have an easy, sanitary way to use their personal mobile devices to instantly view all menus at these locations. Establishments that join the SpotMenus program will receive a welcome kit with QR-code signage for use at the establishment that, when scanned with any smartphone camera, instantly displays menus without the need for sign-up or downloads.

“We are pleased to extend our partnership with BrandMuscle to help our customers get back to business safely,” said Kirk Wolthouse, Vice President of Marketing Services for Fedway. “As bars, restaurants, and clubs search for ways to safely and responsibly reopen for business and look at various options for providing menus to their patrons, we’re proud to provide a best-in-class solution from a reputable and established partner.”

The SpotMenus platform gives restaurants and bars of all sizes, including independent businesses, franchises, and national chains, an affordable and easy way to leverage a digital menu system. Starting today, any establishment can contact their Fedway sales representative to request new disposable wine and spirits menus and opt-in to the SpotMenus program.

“BrandMuscle and Fedway have a longstanding partnership to provide world-class marketing support to bars and restaurants in New Jersey,” said Michael Marchetti, Chief Customer Officer at BrandMuscle. “The on-premise food and beverage industry is operating in an incredibly challenging environment, and we are thankful for the opportunity to work with Fedway to help their customers with an easy-to-use technology solution that protects both employees and customers.”

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