Free Online Assessment Helps Organizations Evaluate Their Local Marketing Maturity

BrandMuscle | June 18, 2019

BrandMuscle Local Marketing Maturity Assessment™ Instantly Ranks Channel Marketing Proficiency and Provides Guidance for Improved Results

Chicago, IL, June 18, 2019 – BrandMuscle, the leader in integrated local and channel marketing and publisher of the annual State of Local Marketing Report™, today announced the availability of a free online assessment to help channel marketers evaluate and improve performance.

“Our multi-year research for the BrandMuscle State of Local Marketing Report found that local and channel marketing maturity directly impacts business outcomes, including revenue growth,” said Richard Mendis, Chief Strategy Officer at BrandMuscle, “After surveying more than 1,000 channel partners, we learned that those at the highest level of marketing maturity demonstrate two times higher year-over-year revenue growth compared to those in the bottom levels of maturity. We have made available an online assessment that helps marketers evaluate their channel marketing programs and identify areas for improvement that will lead to better business outcomes.”

Participants will be guided through 12 questions that can be answered in less than 10 minutes, and receive an automatically-generated, personalized report, identifying stage of local marketing maturity and recommendations for improvement.

BrandMuscle worked with independent, third-party researchers at Xpedition to develop, analyze and design the framework for this study. The BrandMuscle Local Marketing Maturity Matrix™ comprises six dimensions, 15 associated competencies, and two enablers that are proven to be critical to local marketing success:

The BrandMuscle Local Marketing Maturity Matrix and corresponding assessment are based on a foundation of organizational design principles, established through real-world data and statistical analysis, not a theorized or simplistic model. Research into the model revealed two emerging essential local marketing enablers: Marketing Knowledge and Local Partner Spend. Channel partners who know more about marketing and are willing to invest in solutions are better equipped for revenue growth, and the data clearly indicates that these partners grow revenue at a much faster rate than their peers who are less knowledgeable or commitment.

“Brand marketers who know where their program ranks on the BrandMuscle Local Marketing Maturity Matrix can benefit from data-driven, prescriptive insights and determine where they need to focus their local and channel efforts,” said Jason Tabeling, EVP of Product Strategy. “It is important to establish the right foundation at each stage of marketing maturity before you move on to the next, particularly in the areas of Marketing Knowledge and Local Partner Spend, in order to significantly boost revenue growth.”

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