Liberty Tax Chooses BrandMuscle’s Brand and Fund Management and Marketing Execution in a Five-Year Partnership to Drive Local Sales

Aaron Gilbreath | August 31, 2022

Fast-Growing Financial Services Company Leverages BrandMuscle to Empower Franchisees as They Grow Inside and Outside of the Competitive Tax Services Space

CHICAGO, August 31, 2022 – Liberty Tax, North America’s fastest-growing tax preparation service, has chosen BrandMuscle for their franchisees’ brand and fund management needs, as well as for data-driven marketing execution. BrandMuscle’s trusted services and software will get customizable marketing templates to Liberty Tax’s 2,600 locations, providing a seamless, efficient way for franchisees to design, print, and manage their own assets while remaining brand compliant. Combined with fund management and performance marketing subscription packages, BrandMuscle will equip Liberty Tax with a true one-stop shop for local marketing and unmatched ease of use.

Founded in Canada in 1997, Liberty Tax has grown into a leading provider of tax planning and financial solutions. Reaching customers through both national corporate advertising and franchisees’ local marketing, the company provides store owners freedom to run their own local marketing campaigns. BrandMuscle will help franchisees expand the brand’s local marketing reach by adding sophisticated digital tactics, helping drive new customers to local stores, while BrandMuscle’s marketing analytics will provide additional ways to keep measuring Liberty Tax’s local marketing impact.

Tax preparation is a highly competitive space. As Liberty Tax continued to offer new year-round services, such as accounting, bookkeeping, and loans, the company was looking to enhance their franchisees local marketing capabilities to drive walk-in appointments at brick-and-mortar locations. BrandMuscle’s brand and fund management capabilities give Liberty Tax and their franchisees a competitive advantage by making it as easy as possible to launch and monitor digital campaigns. By utilizing BrandMuscle’s proven digital tactics and strategy, Liberty Tax franchisees will drive local sales and gain greater insights into the effectiveness of their marketing efforts and ways to improve their ROI.

BrandMuscle brings decades of experience working with franchised businesses and in highly regulated industries such as financial services and beverage alcohol, so they recognize the importance of both legal- and brand-compliance in tax services. With over a decade of expertise in the tax preparation space, Liberty Tax and BrandMuscle make a natural fix.

“Historically, we’ve been utilizing a number of different partners to allow our franchisees access to marketing materials to help them with their efforts,” said Liberty Tax SVP of Marketing, Kyle Sawai. “It’s much more efficient and streamlined to bring all these capabilities into the same platform, which will provide insight across all marketing channels, so franchisees can have instant data on ROI and what is or isn’t driving customer acquisition in their specific local market. Add to that BrandMuscle’s local marketing expertise, we at corporate can also measure franchisees’ marketing activities at a glance and provide real-time feedback. By making it easier for our franchisees to launch new marketing campaigns, BrandMuscle improves ease of use on both sides: It’s easier for franchisees to launch, and Liberty as franchisor gets an easy way to improve effectiveness.”

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Liberty Tax, a portfolio company of NextPoint Financial Inc., is a tax preparation service with more than 2,600 locations, and serves approximately 1.6 million consumer and small business clients in the United States and Canada. Established in 1997, Liberty Tax is one of the nation’s leading tax preparation companies, with franchised locations in every major metro area throughout the U.S. and Canada. For a more in-depth look, visit Liberty Tax Service and on Facebook.

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