New BrandMuscle Report Reveals Why Insurance Agents Struggle to Market

Courtney Lucas | September 14, 2023

CHICAGO, September 14, 2023 – In the fast-paced world of insurance marketing, understanding the thoughts, behaviors, and needs of your agents is the key to success.

The State of Local Insurance Marketing Report analyzes 203,686 data points from 2,531 insurance agents and sheds light on the challenges and opportunities faced by the insurance industry’s local agents.

The report delves into why insurance agents struggle to drive results from their marketing and provides clear guidance on how insurance companies can empower agents to boost their marketing outcomes.

It also reveals a stark truth: Only 33% of insurance agents are satisfied with their local marketing programs, a concerning 43% less than affiliates in other industries.

“The insurance industry is undergoing significant changes, and understanding what your agents need from a marketing perspective is crucial to success,” says Helen Baptist, Chief Strategy and Market Officer at BrandMuscle.

In insurance marketing, ease of program use emerges as a major challenge for agents, who often struggle to navigate their local marketing programs, making them less likely to market.

“Leveraging these data-driven insights is essential for insurance companies looking to strengthen their local marketing impact,” said Mike Yacovone, Director of Client Partnership at BrandMuscle. “To achieve local success, you have to start at the source — your agents. Addressing their needs is the key to driving results.”

Key Findings:

  • 47% of insurance agents allocate 5% or more of their annual revenue to marketing.
  • 72% of insurance agents have co-op programs, but only 31% actively use these funds.
  • 70% of agents prioritize fund matching in their marketing programs.

By harnessing the insights provided in The State of Local Insurance Marketing Report, you’ll have access to the tools to improve local marketing results, boost agent engagement, and achieve significant revenue growth.

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