A New Era of Local Marketing Emerges With AI Services

Aaron Gilbreath | March 23, 2023

BrandMuscle Develops Local Marketing AI Tool to Help Marketers Effortlessly Elevate Campaigns and Drive Results

CHICAGO, March 23, 2023 – Now brand marketers and their affiliates can optimize local marketing campaigns in seconds with AI Services. BrandMuscle’s new Artificial Intelligence (AI) solution improves channel marketing results by drafting on-brand copy, automating tasks, and enhancing campaigns. With AI, marketers can drive better marketing results with fewer resources. It empowers brands to truly do more with less without compromising performance.

AI Services boosts efficiency by automating the most time-consuming tasks in local marketing. All you have to do is provide a short prompt, and the AI solution will generate contextually relevant social media posts, emails, and campaigns in seconds. BrandMuscle’s new AI solution also delivers hyper-personalized marketing deployment recommendations by leveraging historical data, third-party market intel, and behavioral insights to provide intelligent guidance to channel marketers and their affiliates.

“What we’re doing with AI Services is helping marketers stay ahead of the curve in a time when competition is at its highest,” said James Morse, Senior Vice President of Product Management at BrandMuscle. “Our AI solution empowers marketers to reach more consumers while saving time and resources.”

By automatically optimizing marketing tactics, AI Services offers an intuitive way for brands and affiliates to deliver high-performing and compliant marketing campaigns while streamlining processes and workflows.

“BrandMuscle is pushing the boundaries of local marketing innovation in a way that’s never been done before,” said Helen Baptist, Chief Strategy and Market Officer at BrandMuscle. “The world of AI innovation is on fire, and we are bringing a best-in-class solution to market that truly moves the needle for our clients.”

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