No Brand Left Behind: BrandMuscle Offers Leading Local Marketing Platform to Small and Midsize Businesses

BrandMuscle | June 15, 2021

Flexible Plans Eliminate Barriers to Accessing Best-in-Class Channel Marketing Solutions

CHICAGO, Illinois, June 15, 2021 – BrandMuscle, the industry leader in integrated local and channel marketing, has released new plans for its Intelligent Local Marketing Platform to make it more accessible for brands seeking best-in-class channel marketing solutions at every level of investment. Businesses of all sizes can choose from a range of advanced features or opt for just the basics of brand management or co-op fund management.

“BrandMuscle offers the best all-in-one local marketing platform on the market, and we don’t want any brand to settle for a lesser product because of budget concerns,” said Richard Mendis, Chief Strategy Officer at BrandMuscle. “Today we are announcing the availability of our market-leading solutions to brands that have less time and fewer resources to dedicate to their channel marketing program. By making our industry-leading platform more accessible, more local businesses will have the corporate marketing support they need to grow and stimulate economic growth within their communities.”

With new pricing options, enterprise customers can continue to enjoy premier access to BrandMuscle’s solutions and execute complex channel marketing programs, while businesses with simpler needs can have access to the same base platform and add premium options, such as additional programs, locations, users, and services, as their channel needs and revenue grow. Allowing customers to select only the solutions they need will significantly reduce implementation costs and time to market.

Currently, BrandMuscle offers two flexible plans. The Essentials plan allows brands to launch a brand management or co-op fund management program in as little as four weeks, include up to 500 partner locations, manage up to $3 million in funds, and access program analytics and insights. The Essentials plan is intended for brands that are looking for a through-channel marketing automation (TCMA) platform that will help their business grow and evolve with them as their business needs change.

The current Enterprise plan empowers brands to launch an integrated channel marketing program that can include both brand management and co-op fund management, add unlimited partner locations, manage an unlimited amount of funds, access program analytics and insights, and customize the platform as needed for more complex requirements or integration. BrandMuscle currently serves the world’s leading brands with this market-leading Enterprise local marketing solution.

To learn more about BrandMuscle‘s solutions for small and midsize businesses, contact BrandMuscle.

About BrandMuscle

BrandMuscle is the leader in integrated local and channel marketing, serving over 300 of the world’s top brands, with 700 professionals in seven offices globally. The BrandMuscle Intelligent Local Marketing Platform enables brands and their local marketing partners to deliver the greatest marketing impact to each individual customer. BrandMuscle simplifies and scales digital and physical marketing execution, enabling brands to acquire and retain the best customers, build loyalty, enhance lifetime customer value, and maximize ROI. For more information about BrandMuscle visit or call (866) 464-4342.

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