Pivot Bio Chooses BrandMuscle for Print, Fund, and Brand Management in Its Mission to Improve Global Agriculture

Aaron Gilbreath | October 21, 2022

Innovative Agriculture Company Leverages BrandMuscle to Equip Sales Reps With Marketing Assets and Co-op Funds to Create a Sustainable Farm Economy

CHICAGO, October 21, 2022 – Pivot Bio, the world’s leading nitrogen innovator, who provides farmers with smarter, better nitrogen for improved productivity and sustainability, has selected BrandMuscle to provide fund management, brand management, and print solutions for their network of sales representatives.

Pivot Bio provides growers of corn, wheat, and sorghum with products that harness new technology to improve agricultural operations and outcomes, and to improve the health of our planet. The BrandMuscle Intelligent Local Marketing Platform will support Pivot Bio’s growth while saving them time and money, reducing waste, and keeping marketing assets legal- and brand-compliant.

Founded by Karsten Temme and Alvin Tamsir in 2011, Pivot Bio set out to replace synthetic nitrogen fertilizer with a more sustainable, safer tool for farmers. Supported by early grants from the Gates Foundation, and driven by a commitment to help make farming more productive while minimizing its environmental footprint, the company built a scalable proprietary tech platform that enables microbes to produce nitrogen for cereal crops, vastly improving nutrient absorption and reducing the amount of nitrogen that gets washed away. It is a solution to an agricultural challenge that had long eluded scientists. Pivot Bio continues to work to transform agriculture with groundbreaking ways to enhance soil with nitrogen and quit using synthetic nitrogen fertilizer.

Pivot Bio more than doubled their number of sales reps in the field, and they wanted their reps to have access to customizable, high quality marketing materials, from business cards and postcards about events, to social media content and other branded items. They wanted a partner whose simple, easy-to-use platform could ensure those marketing assets would be consistent, brand- and legal-compliant, and tied to co-op funds. Pivot Bio had outgrown their previous internal system of producing and managing marketing assets, whose limited capabilities did not include a way to monitor consistency, approvals, or lock in language. Keeping language consistent and accurate was very important due to the nature of regulations around agriculture, Pivot Bio’s product names, and trademarks.

BrandMuscle’s brand management solution enables Pivot Bio to provide their local partners with one place to get branded marketing materials and co-branded content, allowing reps to customize assets, use an easy workflow to locate creative templates, and maintain brand compliance.

“BrandMuscle’s platform is an easy way for our reps to get everything they need to succeed, all in one place, and to promote the brand accurately,” said Denise Rumohr, Pivot Bio Marketing Manager. “Reps find the platform very useful. It’s streamlined our process, eliminating unnecessary back-and-forth, and that saves us a lot of time and resources.”

By increasing absorption and reducing waste, Pivot Bio’s biological nitrogen improves farmers’ ROI. Improving local marketers’ ROI is central to BrandMuscle’s mission. Like Pivot Bio, BrandMuscle values sustainability and prioritizes reducing our ecological footprint.

“Waste reduction is an important aspect of our offerings,” said Mike Marchetti, BrandMuscle’s Chief Customer Officer. “We’re proud that our state-of-the-art technology and services help companies eliminate the production of unnecessary print materials in local markets. Customization and sustainability can go hand-in-hand. It’s one more reason we’re proud to work with Pivot Bio and help enable their mission.”

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About Pivot Bio

Born from the ambition to replace synthetic nitrogen fertilizer with a safer, more sustainable tool for farmers, Pivot Bio cofounders Karsten Temme and Alvin Tamsir built a scalable proprietary tech platform in 2011 that enables microbes to make nitrogen from the air available for plants, replacing the need for synthetic nitrogen. Scientists had chased this discovery for decades. Pivot Bio released its first commercial product for corn, Pivot Bio PROVEN®, to U.S. farmers in 2019, expanded its product portfolio in 2020 with Pivot Bio RETURN® for wheat, and introduced sorghum in 2021.

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