Integrate with your existing tools

Easily plug into your current technology with innovative partner integrations that maximize your local marketing capabilities.

BrandMuscle Fortune 1000 Integrations Solution
Fortune 1000 Integrations Scalability Feature
Experience speed and scale

Integrate your current marketing technologies with global technology partners to accelerate time-to-market and improve scalability. By joining your technologies, you can enjoy a streamlined marketing experience. 

Fortune 1000 Integrations Boost Feature
Boost marketing outcomes

With limitless partner integrations, you can better support your local marketing channels, accelerate value, and increase operational efficiency across your local marketing network. 

Fortune 1000 Integrations Existing Partnerships Feature
Easily integrate with existing partnerships

Support a variety of offerings all in one place. BrandMuscle can integrate with your existing vendor partners to provide your affiliates with the best possible experience. You can promote any vendor program within the platform and integrate data with BrandMuscle reporting to view metrics and track KPIs in one place. 

Hear from one of our partners:

“By partnering with BrandMuscle, we’re able to leverage a leading through-channel marketing automation platform to strengthen our own solution and further propel the success of countless incentive programs. We’re ecstatic about this opportunity and the impact it will have on our customers’ ability to optimize channel program performance and revenue.”
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Get time with a local marketing expert to see how you can seamlessly integrate with your existing tech stack.

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