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MDF and Co-op Fund Management

Effective co-op fund management and MDF program management can optimize your marketing strategy and empower local partners with brand compliant advertising tools at a subsidized cost. Customizable rules and streamlined marketing execution will help you increase partner engagement and campaign effectiveness.

Streamlined channel partner experience

Engage your partners in a customized user experience with a seamless brand aesthetic.

Your partners can utilize MDF or co-op funds and be reimbursed across a variety of marketing tactics, governed by rules you configure. Partners can easily maintain brand compliance and submit their marketing materials for quick approval.

As part of an integrated marketing ecosystem, MDF and co-op fund management includes data reporting, analytics, and social media marketing to provide your partners with data to measure impact and make better marketing decisions.

Powered by flexibility

Marketing across 1000+ national, regional and local partner channels with ever-changing marketing tactics can feel overwhelming. But once you develop a strong marketing strategy, the execution can be simple.

Our MDF and co-op fund management software solution is a flexible and configurable tool that will make the most of your marketing strategy with minimal implementation investment at the local level.

Insights at the local level

Empower your channel marketers with a data-driven approach on what is working and not working to help focus their MDF or co-op fund dollars.

Intuitive insights, analytics and reports provide channel marketers with real-time perspective into partner activity, spend and lead generation.

Self-service channel program

Give your channel marketers the power to make real-time adjustments to channel programs, marketing tactics and marketing budgets.

Create workflows using rules you determine to prevent disruption to the fund management platform or your partners’ experience.

Flexibility help brands take advantage of market opportunities and improve speed to market, empowering local marketers to implement programs quickly.

Who can Benefit from BrandMuscle’s

MDF or Co-Op Fund Management solution?

Channel Marketing Manager
Create marketing programs that use co-op dollars effectively to develop programs that drive business value and measurable results.
VP, Channel Marketing
Implement a marketing strategy from the national to hyper-local level. Responsive data helps brands improve speed to market, boosting channel revenue by 15%.

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MDF and Co-Op Fund Management Key Capabilities

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