11 Ways to Engage Channel Partners in New Marketing Programs

Erin Strong | May 6, 2021

Introducing fresh marketing programs to your dynamic league of channel partners is like orchestrating a symphony of excitement and apprehension. Yet, amidst the hustle, it’s easy to overlook that these local marketers are voyaging into uncharted territories. Remember, repetition is the secret sauce — people must hear something around four times before it sticks!

Learn how to engage channel partners by delving into our arsenal of 11 strategies that will magnetize your channel partners to your novel marketing initiatives, ensuring they receive the spotlight and support they deserve.

1. The Resonant Email Symphony

Just as you extend the welcome mat to customers for new products, orchestrate a melodic series of emails for your channel partners about the latest marketing programs. Choreograph this email ballet with a sequence of informative pieces, including unveiling the new tactics, a crescendo of success stories, and bite-sized reminders that serenade them with the opportunity to dive into opt-in marketing programs.

2. Illuminating the Path on Internal Terrain

If your company boasts an internal blog or site, consider it the grand stage for revealing the latest programs. Raise the curtain each time a new marketing tactic makes its debut and ensure your partners revel in the spotlight.

3. The Billboard in Hallways and Break Rooms

With the world inching back into the office, remember that hallways and break rooms still wield the magic of billboards. Transform these spaces into arenas of intrigue for your marketing programs, igniting conversations that spread like wildfire.

4. The Vanguard Display

Imagine showcasing your campaigns’ might by deploying a display campaign tailored to your channel partners. Capture their attention with a playful message like, “If you’re reading this, so will your customers.” Infuse it with your brand’s emblem and a trail leading them to join the program.

5. SMS Whispers of Opportunity

For those who have opted in for SMS updates, unleash a whisper of reminders about the looming launch deadline for campaigns under the new program. A subtle nudge to ensure they seize the moment.

6. Communication Hubs as a Beacon

Transform your company’s communication hubs into more than virtual water coolers. Disseminate a message via Teams, Slack, or Basecamp outfitted with a dazzling flyer about your groundbreaking marketing program, a beacon igniting interest and inquiries.

7. Webinars: A Deep Dive into Discovery

Lend a touch of finesse with a webinar, a canvas for unraveling intricate details, orchestrating demonstrations, and dispelling doubts in one collective sweep. Whether you host it yourself or enlist the prowess of a BrandMuscle partner, webinars are the powerhouse of comprehensive enlightenment.

8. Facebook: Stories that Echo

Harness the prowess of your company’s Facebook page as a stage to echo your program’s story. Share the triumph of a partner who has already danced to success and tag them in your narrative, igniting a symphony of engagement.

9. A Symposium of Learning

When the time comes for your company’s symposium, ensure a chord of your channel marketing programs resonates. Team up with BrandMuscle to co-present a session that awakens curiosity, driving interest and adoption.

10. The Power of Voice Calls

Yes, you read that right — mobile still works for calls! Engage in the old-world charm of a one-on-one conversation — a dialogue that stands between a partner embracing the new program or casting it aside. And for the digital natives, tap into your internal influencers. These partners hold the baton of influence and can become your most fervent advocates and program ambassadors.

11. A Taste of Victory: Incentives That Spark

Incentives are the star players. With the allure of rewards — even as humble as a $10 Starbucks card — you entice the first 25 channel partners to embark on this new expedition. It is a simple nudge that sets the journey in motion.

Putting It All Together

Recall it’s not just what you share but how you share it. Infuse your program updates with tangible results, peer experiences, insights about conquering market-share challenges, and crystal-clear instructions on navigating the journey. With these strategies at your disposal, brace for a symphony of partner engagement that will elevate your marketing programs to their rightful pedestal.

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