A Day in the Life of a BrandMuscle Intern

Chase Baker | July 27, 2019

When I think of my day to day life as a BrandMuscle intern I am most reminded of the famous quote “Life is like a box of Chocolate, you never know what you’re going to get” from Forest Gump. That is because from the very beginning of my internship, no two days have been the same. For some that may annoy and push away, but not for me. I love the fact that each day I come into the office I am constantly challenged and that I never stop learning. It makes working at BrandMuscle exciting and I believe it will prepare me better for my career after college better than any other internship.

The range of emotions you go through walking in to your first day on the job at a new company, in a new city, and with a brand-new group of people can be extremely overwhelming. In my experience though, I had never felt more welcomed by all the employees, not just the AT&T Client Service team I was going to be working on. I immediately felt comfortable around my peers and knew I would look forward to coming in to work each day. As an Intern or even a new full-time hire, there is a tremendous amount of product knowledge and know-how you must learn in the first few weeks. It’s not like college where you can memorize one fact for the test and forget it afterwards, everything you learn you are applying each day, all while adding more information along the way.

On a daily basis I am performing a variety of tasks, everything from reviewing templates, to publishing dealer microsites, and everything in-between. As if learning all the functions of BrandBuilder and LocationBuilder wasn’t overwhelming enough, I also have countless meetings to sit in on each day and have to schedule time around all of that to work on the Intern Program Project with multiple other interns all in different departments with their own demanding schedules. Oh, and I forgot to mention completing all my Lessonly’s which are meant to give me a better overall understanding of what BrandMuscle does and how they’ve managed to become the pinnacle of Local Marketing experts.

Now, this may seem like a lot, but it truly is what makes this internship better than anything else, because I’m always busy doing something. I constantly have questions on how to do things and if I’m even doing them right in the first place, and rather than get annoyed with me, my team is more than willing to review and explain what I’m working on. Which is a testament to the quality of the people BrandMuscle has hired to build such a strong, supportive, and team-like environment. After my few weeks as an intern I can tell you that the people working at BrandMuscle are truly amazing and are one team, not separate individuals and departments, but a collective. Although it may feel like I’m busy all the time, I’m not just completing busy work. The projects I work on are directly making a difference in the client’s life and how they market themselves.

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