AI and Marketing: Unpacking the MAICON 2023 Extravaganza 

James Morse | August 7, 2023

Have you ever wondered what it feels like to walk into a room buzzing with 700+ fellow marketing experts from around the globe, all gathered for one reason: unraveling the mysteries of AI in marketing?

Spoiler alert: It’s kind of like drinking an extra-large cup of espresso — energetic, invigorating, and a little dizzying. Welcome to the world of MAICON 2023!

The conference was a veritable smorgasbord of learning with over 25 unique sessions, each bringing a fresh perspective and insights to the discussion around marketing AI. While it’s impossible to do justice to all the enlightening sessions in one blog, I’ll recount the highlights and takeaways that truly left a mark.

AI In Marketing Is Here to Stay

Our first realization as the conference unfolded was that AI isn’t just casually knocking on our doors — it’s moved in, made a cup of coffee, and is waiting for us to catch up.

It’s time to pull up our socks and be the champions our organizations need in this new era of AI-led marketing. No pressure, right?

The keynote guiding us into the brave new world was Paul Roetzer. He illuminated how we are at the dawn of a profound technological shift that’s altering everything from communication and sales to learning and business growth.

The crux: A simmering battle for AI supremacy has transformed AI from a distant possibility to an inescapable reality.

AI Is Reshaping Marketing

Then came Chris Penn, armed with a compelling narrative on “The Marketing Singularity: Large Language Models and the End of Marketing As We Know It.” Penn’s session was a techno-crystal ball of sorts, divulging insights on how AI tools are reshaping digital marketing.

But no marketing feast would be complete without a deep dive into the executive perspective.

Cue the CMO panel discussion titled “Inside the C-Suite: CMO Perspective on the Opportunities and Obstacles of AI Adoption.” Our very own Helen Baptist from BrandMuscle joined this brilliant C-suite ensemble.

Amanda Todorovich from the Cleveland Clinic highlighted the unique challenges in healthcare marketing concerning patient data and generative AI tools. A humbling reminder that AI, though powerful, must always be tamed by the reins of ethics and regulations.

Thinking vs. Thunking

Day 2 saw Google’s Cassie Kozyrkov adding another flavor to our “AI buffet” with her keynote on “Whose Job Does AI Automate?” Cassie’s take on automation stirred an intriguing conversation about “thinking” and “thunking.”

With AI, we can delegate the “thunking” (aka the execution of ideas) to our automated counterparts while we engage more in the “thinking.” This thought-provoking perspective soon became the buzzword among the attendees.

See You Next Year at MAICON

The conference wasn’t just a cerebral feast. The exhibition floor was abuzz with vendors showcasing their AI prowess, and BrandMuscle’s booth became a beacon for agencies scouting for AI tools to amplify their services. Networking at MAICON was akin to speed dating — intense and incredibly rewarding.

Looking back, MAICON 2023 was not just another conference. It was a power-packed AI symphony, striking the perfect chord between learning and networking.

If anything, it made one thing crystal clear: AI isn’t just a wave of the future — it’s the tsunami of the digital transformation era.

And as for next year? Let’s just say, MAICON 2024, we’re coming for you, and we’re bringing our A-game! In the ever-evolving world of marketing, remember, folks, it’s not just about being in the audience — it’s about being a part of the band. See you next year!

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